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New work - POST New York SCBWI conference

At the risk of sounding like I am all over the place, or not dependable, I feel like I am still finding my voice. I suppose this is true for all artists, we strive to do things differently, to push ourselves a little further each time - making things we love. Often though, when you do this for a job, the love can flow away, and it becomes work. Blah, blah blah, I know - it is such a first world issue - finding peace in your xcreative work! I mean seriously - I GET PAID to make art for a living. Its not easy, its not particularly lucrative but it makes me happy. It sure beats cleaning grease traps all day. So, in order to combat my demonic creative sensibility (which would have me working 36 hours a day), I make things for ME. Why this work differs from the stuff i get paid to do, I dont really know - all I know is, when I am working on it I am inorinately happy.

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