school is awesome!

I love school visits. I think that schools are a place that can enhance creativity and use play as a vehicle for learning. They also have captivating audiences. I prefer to do workshops in smaller groups for longer amounts of time, but I also love collaborating about possibilities... so, what can I offer YOUR school?



I can come to one (or several classrooms) in a 1/2 day or full day session. I can read a couple of my books, talk about the books I made when I was a kid, and show the kids how a book is made now! They will get to work as editors and art directors to help me find mistakes and make things look even better! If we have more time, I can provide a craft and interactive activity - or I can leave it with the teachers to use later!


Once I have visited your classroom, I will provide you with a dropbox link to access ALL book materials - for EVER AND EVER!


1/2 day $250 (within 100km)

Full Day $450



Kids are natural born storytellers. In this Full-day (or two-day) workshop we will create a collaborative story (a wild and wonderful completely silly masterpiece), edit it, Illustrate it (while learning all sorts of awesome traditional and/or digital techniques - iPads can be used for this too!) and PUBLISH it! This workshop also includes elements from the simple presentation listed above)... and of COURSE you get access to the dropbox and an EBOOK version of the publication as well.


This workshop is best for Kids grade 2 and up, and can be modified for older students as well!


You must have access to a colour printer/photocopier and a binding machine and classroom iPads are an extra awesome tool we can definitely use.


One Day $450

Two days $800



School walls don't HAVE to be boring... I can work with classes to create an engaging and collaborative experience. Painting on REAL walls is a fantastic and not-so-normal activity that has long-term benefits.


For this workshop I will work with teachers and students to create a theme, design the space and plan a mural. We will research, use reference where necessary and create a larger-than-life masterpiece indoors or outdoors. This workshop price will vary depending on wall size and location, but can include many students, staff and teachers.


Please contact me for details.